Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Read Print - Free Online Books, Poems, Short Stories

Read Print is a site dedicated to finding Books, Poems, and Shorts Stories online and for completely free!  You can search by author and title to find what you are looking for.  Just on the main page, I saw several that I know are very useful for educators.  You can search for Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Plays, Poetry, and Short Stories.  For those schools struggling with textbook cost, Read Print might be a great option depending on what students are reading. 

When you visit the main page it has a list of the top 250 authors; so to see if this site has an author you are studying that would be a great starting point.  Another great section is quotes.  You can search for quotes by an author or on a certain subject.  What is also great is that the site offer biographical information about the authors as well.

Read Print also has a reading mode that provides a way to easily read each chapter.  The negative, there are ads throughout the text, but they have to pay for the site some how.  Read Print seems to be a very thorough site for online reading, especially for classrooms strapped for cash to purchase books.