Tuesday, January 22, 2013

eyeReport - PIP Videos for iDevices

eyeReport is currently an Apple Device App that allows users to use both of their cameras on their iDevices at the same time.  Through the software users can do a picture in picture video and capture facial expressions, thoughts, and ideas while making a video.  Once the videos have been created users can email them or upload to various social networks.  Teachers could use the software to add their voice and face to a lesson while filming the blackboard.  I could see this app increasing the video capabilities on mobile devices in the classroom.

The app will let users record a clip from the rear camera and then when you finish it will flip to the front camera and let users record from that camera.  eyeReport will then create a PIP box so users can see what was recorded from the front and rear camera.  If you already have a video on your camera, you can add the PIP feature to it.

Here are some of the features:
+ Overlays a second video captured by the front camera on a first video captured by the back camera, while the first video is being played.
+ Produces composite video from both front and back cameras of your iPhone.
+ Superimposes the user's face as picture-in-picture on your video.
+ Saves and stores your composite videos for future sharing.
+ Takes an old video stored in your iPhone and opens a window for overlaying as picture-in-picture a new recording of front camera.
+ One-click sharing of your composite video on facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mail.
+ Turns your old movies into composite videos featuring you as observer, commentator or participant.
+ A way to create dedicated communities for news reports, entertainment information or educational online networks.