Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Core Subjects Resources

The first full week of December and only a couple more weeks before the Christmas break.  This weeks edition of Weekly Core Subjects Resources brings some interesting links and resources.

Spreeder is a site that allows you to create a bookmarklet and then easily read text by copying and pasting any text from the webs to improve your words per minute.  A simple and user friendly site to increase your reading ability.
Repeat After Us is a site created by a student that is an online library and language lab.  You can search the site by author, title, and genre.  You can also search through the library based on three difficulty levels.

Numdic is a number dictionary.  You put in a number and it will provide you a wealth of information about that number. 
WebMATH is a site that helps you solve your math problems from Discovery Education.  The help is divided into several different levels of math and categories to help students with math problems.

Geogebra is a well known math software available for download to learn algebra and geometry.  I will avoid reinventing the wheel and point you to Free Technology For Teachers who has recently shared some valuable links to resources and video tutorials for Geogebra

Mathematical Doodling is an interesting site with some videos where I am guessing a student turns regular doodling into mathematical formulas and functions.  Kind of entertaining.

Another great site for math students and teachers provides interactives for various formulas and functions in mathematics.  There are also some for science as well.

Science - See link above as well.
Chemicool is another site offering an interactive Periodic Table of Elements as well as the history of the Periodic Table. 

Tree of Life Web Project is a site that explores how life is developed.  You start at the trunk of the tree and then expand into the different branches. 
CSI The Experience: Web Adventures is a great site for teachers who have units or even an elective class for Forensic Science.  The shows CSI really has exploded student interest in Science, and this site brings the experience to life. 

The Human Touch of Chemistry is a great site with information and interactives related to the study of Chemistry.  You can learn about famous scientist, everyday chemistry, the history and future of chemistry as well as other neat resources.

51 Science Experiments for Kids - A list of some videos to share with students.

The Science Resource Center is a site with, well, resources for science teachers.  Resources are divided by subject matter.  All resources are open to be reproduced, but at the same time, they provide the ability for users to submit their own materials for other teachers. 

Top 20 Podcast for Science Lovers

Social Studies
Edinformatics is a site for education in the information age.  One of their sites is the Greatest Inventions of All Time.  I always taught a unit on inventions and the impact on society.  This site would have been very useful for that unit.

50 Amazing Museum Exhibits You Can Enjoy Online is a great resource to bring what could be an expensive field trip into the classroom.  The museum exhibits are broken down into 4 different categories. 

Chronicling America is a site by the Library of Congress and it is intended to provide historic American newspapers.  You can view pages from the newspaper from all the way back to 1860-1922 from about 25 states.  You can also information about newspapers from the 1960-present.  Click here for a list of all the newspapers available.

Top 20 Podcast for History Lovers

Here is an extra link in continuation with podcast, the Top 40 Podcast for Teachers,  and the Top 50 Podcast for Learning a Foreign Language

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