Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Quick Shout Out

Recently I noticed a lot of traffic to my blog coming from Warren County Schools in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which is home to my Alma Mater, Western Kentucky University.  Peaking my interest, I decided to check out the website where my site was linked.  The site belonged to a Technology Education teacher at South Warren Middle School.  Come to find out, the teacher of the class, Bryan Priddy, was actually teaching math at another middle school when I observed him while going through the teacher education program at WKU.  The phrase small world never gets old, and it was social media that helped me realize this connection.

So searching through his website I noticed that he was having his students use the links that I had set up on my blog to look through them and discuss how a teacher could use them in the classroom.  He was also discussing the eBooks, Tools for the 21st Century Teacher, that I have created as well.  It is great to see something that I created for teachers being used by students.  It is important that all these great tools on the web be shared with students and let them explore the ones that they like.  Then allow them to create a project in class using those tools. 

So here is my SHOUT OUT to Mr. Priddy's students.  Keep up the great work, maintain interest in technology, and be glad you get to have a cool class where you get to play and work with all these great tools!