Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Core Subjects Resources

With this edition I will include a fantastic site for art teachers who might be interested in having students create computer generated art.

ACT Math Question of the Day - This site is great for understanding the concepts and problems that students will face when taking the ACT.  It is broken down by the different math curriculum based on the percentage it would appear on the ACT.  Each problem is then in a Flash video with an explanation of how to get the correct answer.  These make GREAT bell ringer activities.  Students can complete it and then be shown how to solve it to check their answers.

Sixty Symbols is a site that has videos related to various symbols in physics, science, and Astronomy.  These videos would be very useful in high school science classrooms.  It helps to clarify many of the confusing symbols that we see in science classrooms.

Interactive Folio: Romeo and Juliet.  Found on Free Technology For Teachers, this is a great interactive for learning about Romeo and Juliet.  The interactive does a fantastic job of helping students interpret the text from Shakespeare.  You can search through the various Acts, Scenes, and Page numbers if looking for a specific resource. 

Social Studies
American Journeys: Eye Witness Accounts of Early American Exploration and Settlement.  Primary documents from the Vikings all the way up to the 1800's.  This site is fantastic for finding resources about early America.  There are several documents and images that you can search through, as well as a Teacher Resource area.  This would be a great starting point for research.

Sculptris is a 3D sculpting software for your computer that you can download and use to create 3D images.  I highly recommend viewing the video to see it in action. 


Zooburst is a site that allows the user to create 3-D pop-up books.  If you have a web-cam then the books use Augmented Reality.  Zooburst offers two different account types (free and premium) for you to choose from.  the concept is rather interesting.  You can search for characters and input speech bubbles for the characters and arrange them in the 3-D space on the book.  With the basic account you are limited to 10 books and 10 pages per book.  The books can be embedded into a web page as well.  Zooburst offers another way to create Digital Stories across the curriculum.