Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twitter Tweecap - Final May Edition

Kind of a busy week, so I did not get to check Twitter as often, so this list is rather short, but it still some really useful links and resources that were shared.

1.) Rachel's Challenge - Not sure if you have heard of this.  It is a program that can be held in your local middle or high school where they talk about Rachel Scott, the first student killed in Columbine shooting.  She wrote a paper about a "Chain Reaction of Kindness."  If you are looking for a great assembly, this seems to be one worth looking into.

2.) From the iLearn Technology Blog, Edistorm, another site like Wallwisher.

3.) Math teachers always have a hard time expressing writing, well, here is a site, Using Writing in Mathematics that aims to help Math teachers with writing.

4.) The future of LED Screens?  As thin as a piece of Hair - Sony's Flexible OLED

5.) Gickr, make your own animation, from the Learning 2.0 Blog

I told you it was a short list!

Will be working on a Reflection post about my first year as a TIS next week.  Keep an eye out for it!