About Me

Purpose of this Blog:
Through this platform my goal is to share educational technology resources as well as discuss general education issues.  I share a weekly post with resource for across the core subjects.  This blog will mostly focus on Secondary Education resources, with an occasional elementary or middle school resource as well.  I highly recommend that you view my Most Popular Posts to see what I discuss the most.  If you have a question or need further assistance, please feel free to comment on a post.  Thanks for reading. 

About Me:
I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where I attended the same school from grades 1-12.  This type of education and the setting for which this school was set would be a staple in developing my own thoughts about teaching and education.  We had 50 kids in my graduating class.  We all knew each other.  We called teachers by their first names making our relationship seem more personal.  We also had couches and recliners in many of classrooms...especially English.  At the same time, I had a math class that was the complete opposite and had that teacher for3 years.  Rarely in education these days to kids have an opportunity to have a favorite teacher for that many classes.  Oh, and this was a public school....

I went on to Western Kentucky University with dreams of getting a degree in meteorology, and heading out west to chase Tornadoes.  Well, that dream changed once in college when I discovered how much I loved history.  At the same time, computers and technology was growing.  So I found education as a place where I could be around two subjects that I love.  While at WKU I met my current wife and moved with her to her hometown where I got my first teaching position.

At this new teaching position I was generally the teacher that many asked for help with the technology.  Whether it was Office, Internet, or our grading software, I was the guy people generally asked for help...and I was happy to do it.  It also got me thinking...."Schools apparently need someone within the building to help teachers integrate and use technology."  After two years I got a job in the same district as my wife.  This was a good change to be on the same schedule.

At the new school, being the technology integration and information guy continued.  After four years of teaching Social Studies, I interviewed and accepted a position as a Technology Integration Specialist at my school as well as two feeder middle schools.  The position was part of a two year grant and after those two years I returned to the classroom teaching Civics to freshman.  This current school year I accepted a position as a Curriculum Coordinator at the other high school in my district and am currently learning a lot about what all goes on with curriculum.  Has definitely and will continue to be an eye opening experience.

Now that you know me, get to know my blog!