Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Warp - Posts from March 2010

IT is always good to look back and reflect on where you have come from and each month I will hope to reflect back on the year before.  This month I bring you some of the best post from March of 2010.

1.) My Best....No Most Influential Teacher is a post where I discuss a teacher who really influenced me and changed how I looked at my own education.  We all have a teacher like that, if not more than one. 

2.) To Follow or Not to Follow...That is the Question - My post examining the increase of Twitter use in schools and districts, also an examination of the Kentucky Commissioner of Education who uses Twitter, but prefers followers over following.

3.) A Few New Web 2.0 Tools that are actually older now, but still worth looking at.  Picaboo is a site to create online photo books.  Preceden is a simple timeline creation tool.  Headmagnet is a flashcard creation tool.  Keepvid is for downloading YouTube.

4.) TextServ - Using your email to send SMS to students.  I added this to my Tools for the 21st Century Teacher: Volume 2 eBook as well because I think it is a great idea.

5.) Think Twice Thursday - Video Games in Education - A post with resources for teaching with video games.