Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 100 Technology Blogs for Teachers

A while back I received a comment on the Blog Post Common Misconception #4 from a reader who was putting together a list of technology blogs for educators.  I responded to the comment and found out that it was a legit list and not a marketing campaign (no offense and you can never be to sure these days!).  To be included on this list with so many other great educators and bloggers is a tremendous honor!

Online Degrees is a website dedicated to providing a portal to information about universities and programs offering online programs for degrees.  Part of the site is a blog dedicated to helping educators.  The most recent post is the Top 100 Technology Blogs for Educators.  They also have several other blog post related to blogs that you might be interested in.  Top 25 eLearning Blogs and Top 20 Teacher Blogs.

If you are searching for some blogs to add to your Google Reader or add RSS Feeds to an email account, this is a GREAT starting point.  Or if you are new to my blog and want to add it to your reader or RSS feeds, you can click here.