Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Documentary Video Directory

As a social studies teacher, I often would show videos in my classroom to provide a visual to the content that I was teaching.  Most main stream movies are good additions, but you might often run into students who have watched them.  Documentary films provide all the good information without the impact of Hollywood.  Below are two directories for documentary films.

Documentary Tube is a directory of videos that you can find on other websites.  You won't find videos housed on the site, as this website will point you to other websites where you can find the films.  Users can use the search tool or can look for videos based on categories.  Users can search the top 100 as well.  If interested, users can also suggest a videos to add to the Directory Tube.

Documentary Guide is a simple search engine that allows users to type in video information that they are looking for and discover films and videos.  Users can also define their search to help with their video discovery.

FastFig - Math Computation Website

FastFig is a website for math teachers and students.  The idea is predictive math text.  As users create problems the software will provide the answer for the user.  You can currently use it for free and by examining the website there is a plan for requiring payment to use it in the future it appears.  Through an exhaustive search of the site I was unable to find what prices will be.  Users can choose between a blank page or working in algebra, trigonometry, engineering, and even word problems.  There are various calculator functions based on the type of mathematics users will be completing.

I was pretty good in math.  But I am sure that math teachers would have a better understanding of how FastFig works.  There is a great tutorial at the beginning and also a search that helps find functions to use with the service.  I also worry about its use by students to solve problems instead of trying to solve them on their own.  At the same time, it is important that teachers know about these types of sites and that students might use them.

Send Files Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a service for sending files by acquiring a code that is used on the site to retrieve the file.  Users can upload a file and when doing so receive a code that they can then send through email, text message, or however.  The file can also be shared via QR Code as well.  Users can visit the Send Anywhere website and type in the code to receive the file.  You can also download the Android App or the iDevice App as well.  The use of the Apps makes it easier to both send and receive files.