Monday, October 25, 2010

Conceptis Logic Puzzles

Are you smart?  Can you think logically and solve puzzles?  Then Conceptis Puzzles are for you.  What about for your students?  Conceptis Puzzles offer a variety of different types of puzzles that can all be completed on the computer for completely free without downloading any software.  Several puzzle types include Sudoku, Hashi, Battleships, Calcudoku, etc.  These would be a great activity and time filler in the computer lab for students to work on when done with their assignments.  The puzzles are very challenging.  I would recommend them for high school students only, although some might be easier for middle school students.  Below is an image of the different puzzles available on the website.

Wolfram Alpha Widgets

Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that does a great job of helping you find the specific resource that you are looking for.  This specific site though provides the ability to create widgets for your blog or website to search the Wolfram Alpha Site.  What is really great about these widgets is that you can embed a widget that is specific to the content of your website.  You can create your own widget to meet your needs or even browse the gallery for one that meets your needs.  Each widget offers something different and can be a fun way to add something to your website.

You really could create a whole web page of widgets!

Here is a sample widget that I liked

I finally decided to get rid of the "blogspot" and have my own domain for this blog.  I figured it was only appropriate as I approach the 1 year anniversary of my first blog post.  I will still maintain the same title unless something else more creative comes along, but I don't anticipate that happening, at least not anytime soon.  I do anticipate changing the layout in the coming days to make it more presentable and more web like and less blog like....I guess.

So you can now find this blog at  If you subscribe to this blog, it might be worth checking to make sure that the RSS feed still works and you are still receiving posts to this blog...I mean website..I mean get the point. 

Thanks to everyone who has been a loyal reader or occasional visitor through this first year and journey with me.