Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Blog Series - Common Misconceptions

I have been wanting to start a blog "series."  One that centers on a specific topic and will have a post (hopefully daily) related to that topic.  My new job this year as a TIS (Technology Integration Specialist) has opened my eyes to a ton of ideas and thoughts about the common misconceptions of technology integration that we face in education.  Technology is a growing tool in education.  One that we as educators need to have a better grasp of in order to effectively integrate it into our classrooms.  So, what are those common misconceptions?

8 Common Misconceptions about Technology Integration in Education

1.) Technology integration is THE ANSWER to improving test scores.

2.) New teachers have a better understanding of how to integrate technology integration in schools.

3.) Current teachers have no desire to learn how to integrate technology in their classrooms.

4.) Integrating technology is too expensive for my school to afford.

5.) I don't have time to learn how to integrate technology in the classroom.

6.) There can't possibly be any technology to integrate in the subject matter that I teach.

7.) I have to know EVERYTHING about the technology before I can integrate it.

8.) My students have a better understanding of the technology, and that is embarrassing.

What I plan to do is write a post about each of these common misconceptions.  If you have an article, blog post, or experience that you would like me to share in my postings, please share a link with me so that I can include it.  You can leave it in the comment section or Tweet me a link on Twitter.

Have you experienced or even thought about these common misconceptions yourself?