Monday, February 13, 2012

Prezi U

Prezi has come around to the importance and use of Prezi in education.  The have announced the opening of Prezi U, an educational community to learn and discuss best practices for using Prezi in education.  You can also read articles and case studies about how top universities are using Prezi.  There is now one place to download content and more that is related to Prezi in education. If you have a Prezi account, you will need to sign up for a Prezi U account as well.

Prezi has also introduced some new features as well.  The + Plus button which allows the easy creation of a Prezi in just a few clicks.  See video below.

A Day Made of Glass - Part Deux

Let me start off by saying that Corning has wowed me again.  Glad that the video takes it into the classroom this time....of course, by the time I am done teaching I believe that this is how education will be beginning to look with interactive classrooms and walls, etc. If this is what hospitals will be in the future as well, then I feel confident about the future of medicine and the discovery of cures.  Watch for yourself.