Monday, February 25, 2013

4 Video Tools

Not a big fan of reinventing the wheel when someone else has done a tremendous job of sharing and writing about valuable resources.  In the past week, Free Technology 4 Teachers has shared 3 new video creation sites that I want to share here before getting into one I found.

wireWAX is the world's first taggable video tool.  Users can start adding tags to moving people and objects from within the video to other outside sources, such as videos, pictures, and articles, but with the option to watch the video from within the video.  For more information, check out the post on Free Technology 4 Teachers

The Mad Video is also a new service that allows users to make videos interactive.  It shares a lot of the same features as the service mentioned above.  For more information, check out the post on Free Technology 4 Teachers

Wideo, currently in Beta, allows users to create animated videos and other types of videos online.  The service uses a drag and drop feature and then allows users to set the order of the animations.  There are stock elements that are available, but the option to upload your own is also available.  To learn more, check out the post on Free Technology 4 Teachers.

Vibop (pronounced Vee-Bop) is another option for users to create videos online using video clips that they have created.  The service also has an available iPhone app (currently $3.99) that users can utilize as well.  With the service, users can easily create videos and then upload them to YouTube from within the web app. There are ready made themes with intros, effects, and soundtracks available, while at the same time providing users the ability to create their own.  Users can also wrap the videos with their Twitter information as well.  Below are some videos that showcase the web app and the mobile app.