Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jeopardy App

Jeopardy App is a new site for the creation and browsing of Jeopardy games for classroom use.  Teachers can either create their own or search for games that have already been created.  The site is completely free and there is no need for PowerPoint.  No registration is required to browse and play games, but a password is required to create templates and games.  The site uses an easy to use and understand generator and game board.  Each game is given its own unique URL address that can then be used in the classroom or shared with other teachers in your building.  Users can choose how many teams (up to 10) and how much time to give teams to answer the question.

To create a template, users provide a title, each category, the answer, the question, and the point value.  Once you have finished, you just save and build your game and then play the review game.  While playing the game, there is a green check and a red "X" to mark whether students got the question right or wrong and the game automatically calculates the score.