Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Ed Tech Tip for Administrators - Wallwisher

Something I am hoping to do every week is provide an Ed Tech Tip for School Administrators.  It is important that we get administrators to buy into using technology.  If they are using it and get more comfortable with it, then it will trickle down to the teachers.  If you missed the last tip on Google Alerts, I would check it out.

This week I wanted to share a favorite site of mine called Wallwisher.  With Wallwisher you can easily share a digital bulletin board with a simple question that teachers, parents, community members can provide feedback on in 160 characters or less.  Users have the ability to remain anonymous or include their name.  Creating a Wall is very easy and so is creating an account.  With each wall you can choose the background, image, and create your own URL.  For more information about Wallwisher, see my previous post.  You can see a sample image of a Wallwisher wall below.

So how could you use Wallwisher?
1.) Gauge what your teachers think about a new program
2.) Get answers to a question(s) before a faculty meeting
3.) Ask teachers to share a successful lesson plan
4.) Ask teachers to share about a good student and/or good things going on in their classroom
5.) Get opinions about policies and/or procedure changes
6.) Ask Parents and Community members opinions on events at the school
7.) Share a video from YouTube about Education and ask teachers to provide opinions
8.) Share a link to an article about education (national or local) and get teachers discussing what the think
9.) Thinking of adding a new sport/elective?  Ask students what they think.

What other ways would you use Wallwisher with your faculty, staff, parents, students, and community?