Tuesday, December 11, 2012

iPad Apps for Schools

The blogger for Free Technology for Teachers, Richard Byrne, has created a new blog, iPad Apps for School.  Through this blog, teachers will be able to learn about free and paid apps available on the iPad.  Visitors will also be able to watch videos and reviews of the projects as well.  Mr. Byrne is a dedicated educator and blogger who does an excellent job of sharing technology education resources on a daily basis.

Mr. Byrne is a valuable starting point for learning about what is available on the web and on mobile devices for teachers.  I highly recommend bookmarking iPad Apps for School, especially if you use them in your classrooms or are contemplating the purchase of iPads for your district.  Do you have an awesome iPad App that you think should be shared on his page?  He has created an opportunity for visitors to do just that.  Share an App is a great way to promote what works in your classroom.

If you are not using iPads in your classrooms, but are using Android devices, never fear, Mr. Byrne has also created a page for Androids 4 Schools as well.  The same premise applies to this blog as well and provides information for Android based devices. 

To see his original post about his new site, CLICK HERE