Thursday, January 26, 2012


ThinkBinder is a web service that allows users, or more specifically students, to create a Study Group online. With the services, students can Discuss topics related to what they are studying.  Students can also share videos, links, and other artifacts that would be useful to what they are studying.  There is also a chat feature that has both text and video as a option.  ThinkBinder also includes a collaborative Whiteboard to work on problems together.  If you have files that go along with what you are studying, you can easily organize them in the cloud.

When you create your study group (For Free) you will be given a group code that you can provide to friends and members of your study group.  This is how the group gets created.  With all web based services, it would be a good idea to check out the Terms and Privacy Policy of ThinkBinder as well.  Below is a short introduction video about the service that showcases some of the features. 

Meet ThinkBinder from ThinkBinder on Vimeo.

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