Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bounce - Collaborate on a Website

Bounce is a fun an easy way to share ideas on a website.  You provide a URL to a website and then it will grab a screen-shot of the website.  From there you can then click and drag to create a textbox around an area that you want to take notes about.  You can provide a title for the page and after you are finished taking notes, you can share the page via Facebook and Twitter.  You can also provide names so that Bounce can label the feedback.  

Students could use Bounce to analyze a website or as a teach you could use the site to provide feedback about a website that you want students to review.  If there is a website with an article, you could provide notes at certain parts of the article you want students to be prepared to discuss, or write about.


  1. Great for group work where students are hunting for and sharing resources!

  2. Awesome website - could be used to provide feedback on student website creations. Also- let students provide feedback on other student's work.

    Thanks for sharing!