Friday, January 27, 2012


Spaaze is a virtual cork-board that allows you to easily collect, organize, and share information on an infinite space.  The site reminds me of Wallwisher in many ways, but it is different because it is not completely free.  You get up to 99 "points" for a free account and the points are deducted based on what you do with your cork-board.  For example, creating multiple boards and uploading files will take away some of your free points and you can pay for more points.  It is just $1.49 for 100 points in case you decide this is a site you want to use.  There is also a subscription that is $3.00 a month.  All items on a cork-board are free, so you don't lose points that way.  So 99 is actually a lot of "Spaaze Points."  You can learn more about the pricing HERE.

On the main page, you can see various demos that take you to an interactive version of various cork-boards that would be worth looking at.  Here is a short informational video that someone created below.  Spaaze also works on the iPad and there is a video that shares how that works as well.

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