Monday, November 29, 2010 is a Photo sharing site that allows you to drag and drop images from your desktop onto the web browser and the use the images later.  This could be really useful if you want to avoid using a jump drive for photos from a home computer.  Once you drag and drop, the site takes care of the rest.  I tried it out and was pleased with the speed of the drag and drop.  I did 3 photos at the same time. displays the photo with the title that you provided it when you saved it, so that could be important, so always save your images with a meaningful name.

Once you drag the photos, creates two URL's, one for editing and one for sharing, meaning that you can add or remove photos if need be.  You provide a title for your photo gallery as well. also allows you to download the files in ZIP format, which makes it easy to share with students or fellow teachers.  When visiting the site for viewing it presents the photos in a slide-show format with the current picture larger and the other pictures on the left or right smaller and faded out.  You can create an account and then view saved galleries in the future. plans on expanding the site to allow users to share docs, videos, music, and other files in the future.  To learn more about, visit their Blog and Terms of Service.

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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I wish this existed. So neat that it does! Thanks!