Thursday, December 2, 2010

PBS New Hour - Student Reporting Labs

"Student Reporting Labs connect students with a network of public broadcasting mentors, an innovative journalism curriculum and an online collaborative space to develop digital media, critical thinking and communication skills while producing original news reports for PBS NewsHour Extra."

What a great idea.  Provide students with an area for them to create and share their own journalism experiences and stories related to curriculum.  Student Reporting Labs has lessons for teachers to help students better understand the journalism field with lessons, such as: "What is Newsworthy?," "The Art of Asking Questions," and "Facts and Opinions."  In this age of digital news and student publishing, it would beneficial to teach students what proper journalism is all about.

There are several valuable news reports that relate to education that have been completed by students.  The Student Reports would be a valuable tool in providing students examples of what makes a good journalism story that other students have done.

This sort of video project could be done across the curriculum and would not necessarily have to be in journalism classes.  This would be a great addition for Civics classes and the other Social Sciences.  At the same time, Science classrooms could do the same project as at relates to environmental concerns.  Math teachers could have students interpret data and percentages and create a news story around the data that the students are studying as it relates to their school or community. 

Check out some of the work done by students that has already been contributed and think about how you could use this with your students.

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  1. Cool way to involve students and give them an authentic experience!