Sunday, December 27, 2009

12 Essentials for Technology Integration

Recently the Edublog Awards opened the door to several blogs that will help many of you in your classroom.  One of the award winners is a Mr. Richard Byrne who is responsible for the blog Free Technology 4 Teachers.  I knew about his site prior to learning about the Edublog awards just by searching Google, and his site was part of my motivation for creating this blog as well.

One of the parts of his blog is a digital magazine that he created using Yudu titled The 12 Essentials for Techology Integration.  It is a great publication that offers free resources that you can use in your classroom.  His blog posts are also very original and offer a wide variety of resources across the spectrum of the subject matter that as teachers we cover in our classroom. 

I highly recommend this site not just to visit once, but to subscribe to as well.  He is not just on top of Web 2.0 technology but also news stories and websites helpful to technology integration.

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  1. Thank you for sharing 12 Essentials for Technology Integration with your readers. And thank you for the kind words about my blog.