Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glogster in the Classroom

I previously posted about Glogster for Education. But I have learned more and wanted to share that information with you as well as ideas for using it in your classroom. Hope this helps!

Glogster For Education is a GREAT tool to use in your classroom.  It is important that you make sure that your firewall is cleared for you to use the site fully though.  I know that you can run into a problem with being able to type on the blog.  You can do every other feature, but you cannot add text.

It is also important that if you request your students to print their glog that you make sure they do not have text that is longer then the area they used to type the information in, because it won't print.

Now, lets discuss Glogster for Education.  Through this website you can create a virtual class, FOR FREE.  You can include up to 200 students.  When you create your class and input your students it creates a unique Username and Password for each student that consists of numbers and letters.  Students can change their password, but the Username will stay the same.  They can change their Screen name though.  I suggest first name and last name so that you can easily track them.  As they work on their project, you have a Teacher Screen where you can see their progress.  This way you can easily monitor where they are on their project.  They can't lie and say they aren't finished when they really are, and you can make sure they are not including anything inappropriate.

Glogster is a virtual Posterboard.  So the possibilities are endless and they are easy to present.  If you have a webpage, they are also very easy to post to your own webpage as well.  You can see a sample of my own in my other blog.
So, How can you use Glogster in your Classroom?  Take all those projects you used to have students do on a Poster Board and have them do it on a Glog.
  • Create a Virtual Collage from images, audio, and video from the web.
  • Create a step by step glog of a math problem or concept
  • Create a biography of someone in history going down the glog as they get older
  • Create a timeline of events
  • Showcase an experiment in class
  • Give directions on how to do something.
  • Create a review of a book, movie, restaurant, play, etc.
  • Create a glog for pages in a yearbook
  • Create a glog about an event for the school news or newspaper
  • Create a Compare and Contrast Glog
  • Create a Vocabulary Glog for your students
  • Create a Glog Syllabus
  • Create a Glog Chapter Review for chapters of a textbook (Would make a great end of the year activity)
  • Create a "Who Am I" Glog to get to know your students.  Great Icebreaker
  • Create a Family Tree Glog
I could keep going....but you get the idea!  Here is my sample....

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