Thursday, December 17, 2009

Museum Box

Museum Box is a great website for Social Studies classes, but can be used for any subject because what you put in your museum box does not have to just be about a person, but it can be about an event, a place, or a historical period.  So you could use it across the curriculum to present an argument or or a description.  Within your Museum Box you can include a text file, a picture, an audio clip, and a video clip.  The site also gives you the ability to view and comment on other museum boxes.  Each Museum Box can have multiple layers, so you are not limited in space and what you can add.  You add one item to the box, and within that one item you add sub-items that relate to it.

The site also has a dedicated Teacher Resource Area where you can set up a school account.  From there you can add your students, or your students can log into the site and then select your school from a list.  Once your students have completed their Museum Box it will go to you for review and publication.

You can view a video about Museum Box on their site as well which will provide you more information.

What does Museum Box look like?  View the screen shot below to get an idea.  Below that are links to some sample Museum Box's from the website.
The Roaring Twenties

Martin Luther

Isaac Newton

William Shakespeare

Hopefully those samples give you an idea how you could use the site.  Some other ideas are:
  • Create a Museum Box for your school
  • Museum Box about Students or family as an ice breaker
  • A Musuem Box about a field trip, club/organization/sports season
  • A Museum Box about a Science Experiment or a Math Concept
  • A Museum Box about your class throughout the year...a way to log students projects.
What ideas do you have?


  1. Did you have trouble setting up an teacher acct.? I have tried and tried, but never get a verification email and the username/password I set up don't work. I have used it individually and would love to incorporate it into an assignment on World Cultures

  2. I actually have not had an opportunity to set up a teacher account. I was looking into it soon since I will be helping Social Studies teachers with technology as part of my job in February....I will look at it over the break and get back to you.

  3. I was able to get an administrators account, but it was for a website called Myths and Legends which another site by the same organization. There is another site called Discovery Box which has the same might try getting an account there....

  4. I am having trouble get links set up on Museum Box. Any suggestions?

  5. I personally have never had any trouble, or had teachers in my building who have used it express any problems. Is the "Links" button not working?