Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Brochure Maker

In education, I can think of a few times I or other teachers have had students create a brochure as part of a project.  Students could use Word or Publisher, but if they did not have them at home, then you were required to use class time to complete the project.  My Brochure Maker helps to solve that problem.  What makes this so great?  No sign up needed.  Just go to the URL, click on Get Started and you are on your way to creating a prochure.

You then have three options - Brochure with a Mailing Label, Brochure Without a Mailing Label, or a Flyer.  Each of those options then has a general theme that you can choose from.  Most will not match your topic, some might.  If they don't, no problem.  You can easily alter the pictures and titles to match what you are trying to achieve.  The software itself is fairly easy to use, at least much more user friendly than Publisher and Word.  Try it out for yourself.  It even gives you instructions for printing your brochure, making it easier to ensure you get the right direction when you go front and back.

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