Thursday, December 3, 2009


Came across this interesting site for English teachers or any teacher interested in Free Writing for their students.  It provides you different pictures for which to inspire your students to type a story or poem relating to the picture.  It is an excellent source of freewriting for your students.

You can either darg-N-drop different words into the picture that you think are of importance to your story or poem, or you can freewrite on top of the picture as well.  In the gallery you can see what other people have produced as well.

You can search through their gallery until you find a picture that suits your writing desire.  Once finished, you can save it to the gallery, post it on social networking sites and blogs, or email it to yourself or someone who might be interested in reading your picture interpretation.

For students to use the site they will need to create an account.  So they need an email address, provide a username, and create a password.  We had several students at our school use the site for poems they had created.  Poems would need to be limited to 12 lines, or short stanzas on both sides of the picture.  It worked well in our experience with the site.  Some of the students had comments on their poems from readers outside the school that offered constructive criticism as well as praise.


Here is a sample from the website
PicLit from
See the full PicLit at

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