Monday, December 7, 2009


Storybird - Collaboritive Storytelling
Storybird is a website that allows you to create short visual representations of your stories or poems.  You can find art that has been submitted by users and adapt that art to your story.  It would be a neat and interesting way to add visuals to poems that your students create.
To create a Storybird you will need to sign up, but to read others that have been submitted you will not need an account
The art that accompanies the storybirds is created in a way that allows students to be open to creating their own interpretation in order to meet the needs of their story or poem.
Another great feature is that you can collaborate on your story with other people.  So you can email a link to your story and then friends or fellow students can add to it.  Think of it as the old game "telephone" but with story lines.  In order to collaborate you will need to sign up for an account.
Here is a Storybird about Storybird!
About us: a peek inside Storybird by mark on Storybird
Below is a video from the Palm Breeze Cafe people who will explain some of the aspects of Storybird.  You will need to Fast Forward to minute 4:15 where the discussion starts about Storybird.  When you visit the Storybird website there is also a demo video that you can watch.

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