Monday, January 4, 2010

Focusing on a Focus

I decided last night that I wanted to improve the focus of my blog by creating a focus for each day.  Below is what I have decided to do for each day.

Must See Monday - Despite what you might be thinking, I did not steal the idea from NBC.  Every Monday I will post an article, resource, or Blog that I feel is a Must See.
Twitter Tuesday - Every Tuesday I will post a resource I found on Twitter, Lists to follow, People to follow, or an important Hashtag related to education.  It might also mix of all of these, depending on the mood I am in.
Wiki Wednesday - Every Wednesday I will link to a Wiki that I find interesting or helpful to educators.  It might even be something from Wikipedia that we might normally not look at unless it happened to be posted to a blog! 
Think-Twice Thursday - Every Thursday will be a resource, website, or blog that you should "think twice" and consider how to use it or reconsider why you are not using it.
Friday Focus - I will still be continuing my Friday Focus where I focus on a certain resource.  You can visit my Previous Friday Focus Post below:
Online Timelines
Social Bookmarking
Weekend Extra - With time permitting, I will post some extra stuff that I find on the weekends.

These won't be the only post of the day, but they will be the first or the last of the day.

Let me know what you think!
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