Monday, January 25, 2010

Must See Monday #4 - Cybrary Man

If it was not for my Twitter account, this is one of the websites that I probably never would have came across.  Cybraryman Internet Catalog for Educational Websites should be one of your homepages for educational related content.  Home to over 20,000+ links to resources related to education and winner of multiple online awards, Cybraryman is definitely a site worth investigating and spending some time on.

Cybraryman Internet Catalog is the work of Jerry Blumengarten.  An eductional professional with over 30 years of experience in education.  The website helps to catalog much of what educators find and look for on the Internet...all in one location.

There is a section dedicated entirely to parents which has information on bullying, safety, poverty, family, parenting, marriage planning, toys etc.  There is then a section for students with links related to every subject area as well as general information like test preparation, hobbies, college selection (which would also be good for parents these days), homework help, etc.  There then is of course the section for educators which is then broken down into areas for Staff Teacher Tools, Grade Level Classroom Organization, and Subject Areas.  There is also links here to Web 2.0 Tools, and teachable moment stuff like the Census, Black History Month, and the Winter Olympics.  Of course each page from here leads to so much more information.  There is a final section of General Interest which is general enough that I suggest you check it out for yourself.  The links here will definitely be helpful in enhancing lessons you are teaching as well as makeing you look smarter.

Anytime you need something in Education, try visiting the Cybraryman Internet Database first and see if you can find what you are looking for.

If you have a Blog, Ning, Wiki, let him know and he will add it to his collection for visitors to his website.  You can even find mine on there as well.


  1. Ah! Nice site...and great review.
    As you like new tech/learning sites, check out
    this is a new site dedicated to math through learning games...addictive!!

    the site offers teachers loads of free support and logins for their students...they have a teachers resource link with great lesson plans that make it very easy to incorporate this innovative method of teaching.


  2. Thanks for the link suggestion. I will definately pass it along to my math teachers. I noticed a school from KY on there in the top 5 so, it must be worth while.

    Thanks again!

  3. Woah! Hadn't seen this collection before. Bookmarking now. Thanks Mike!

  4. I too follow @cybrayman1 in my Twitter feed. He has some really good stuff on his web site. The Black History Month collection is very good.