Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Extra #4 - Twitter Tweecap Top 20

Another wonderful dose of articles, websites, blogs, and opinions from my PLN and Twitter.  And yes, it will include some information and opinions about the iPad, because despite all that I think it is missing, it is going to revolutionize the future of textbooks and education.

1.) Fed Up With School Lunch - A blog that I think as teachers we will all be interested in reading as well as following.  Very entertaining, and makes you wonder about the comparison of your school lunch, considering school lunch is a federal and state program.  Makes me wonder how lunches could be so different.

2.) The iPad was the big announcement for this week, and Twitter was buzzing about it.  With the announcement also came the announcement of competitors.  Here are the future options of Tablets.

3.) Bookr - A tool that can help you create a photo-book using your photos from Flickr.  Think of it as creating a virtual photo album

4.) Interesting lesson idea to catch students attention about private information that is available on the Internet.  A way of showing studies their digital dossier.  When I return to the classroom, I think I will attempt to do such an assignment.

5.) A wonderful LiveBinders set of information for Google.  Information for Google Docs, Apps, Earth, Scholar, Sketchup, and Wave.

6.) One to One your school or district ready?  Take this survey to find out.

7.) A great selection of reusable Prezi's

8.) Educational Uses of Digital Story Telling from the University of Houston.

9. Mosaic Maker from Big Huge Labs - A great way to take your photos and create a mosaic.

10.) The Plagiarism Checker - Just copy and paste or upload a Word Document to check it foe plagiarism.  You can get more options by subscribing and getting a Pro account.  I have not tried it, so I cannot validate its  accuracy.

11.) Quizstar - A website for creating quizzes online.  Allow students to access and take the quizzes online as well...takes a lot of the grading out of our hands!

12.) Voicethread Wiki - probably the most thorough explanation of Voicethread and its features.  Definitely worth checking out if planning Voicethread activities in your classroom.

13.) HTML5 - A great explanation of the future of HTML.  I had no idea about it till reading this blog.  Useful and informative links within the blog as well.

14.) Springpad - A free personal organizer to save and store just about anything.  Think of it as an online Notebook.  Could be really useful for students to save and store lecture notes.

15.) Show Me Whats Wrong -  a great website for creating a URL with screen shots of your computer so that someone with computer knowledge can visit the URL and help you with an issue.  Rather interesting.  Be really useful to help mom and dad, or even grandma and grandpa when they are having problems with their computer.

16.) and 17.) From Free Technology 4 Teachers, Audio Owl - Hundreds of Free online Audio Books and Seven Places to Find Free eBooks.

19.) From Scholastic - Should we extend the school day?  What about the school year?  An article worth reading.

20.) A Periodic Table with Real World Applications of the Elements.

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  1. Lots of goodies here that I somehow missed this week. Thank you for posting the best in one place for us!