Monday, February 1, 2010

21st Century Census

As most of us know, every 10 years the United States completes a Census to gather important data about our population, mostly for determining members of the House of Representatives...or the only reason politicians care about the Census.  In case your math is not up to par, the last census was in 2000, the beginning of the 21st Century.  When I look back 10 years I am astounded by all that has changed in the world of education and technology and their relationship to one another.

Many of the technological software and hardware that we find ourselves often "not able to live with out" were just a thought or in their early stages in 2000.  Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, WiFi, Wireless Networking, Nintendo Wii, Netbooks, and Web 2.0 to name a few.  They have all had a great impact on our lives and education.  With a lot of these changes, our growth in technology is helping us all to be more connected.  One of Obama's goals is the creation of wireless networking for the entire country; free WiFi.

With the upcoming census, it would be to the benefit of the citizens of the United States to figure out where American families stand with technology.  So here are some simple questions that we should include in the 2020 Census, if not 2010.

1.) How many computers/laptops are located within your household?
2.) If you have Internet, what speed do you currently use to connect to the Internet (Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Satellite)?
3.) Do you use wireless Internet?
4.) Do you actively use Social Media/Social Networking Sites like Twitter and Facebook?
5.) Do you own a Smartphone such as a Blackberry or iPhone?  Do you plan on purchasing one in the near future?
6.) Does your work/school require the use of computers?
7.) Does your work require the use of a Smartphone?

What questions would you include so that we could get a better understanding of "Technology in America?"

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