Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter Tuseday #5 - Twitter Apps

With the rise in Twitter there are plenty of viable options for Twitter Desktop Applications, iPhone Applications, and other Smartphone Applications.  I will first examine the Desktop Twitter Applications.  I also am a PC guy (currently) so these will all be Windows based programs.  There are more than these, but these are the ones that I found the most information about.  They are in no particular order.

Tweetdeck - This is the desktop app that I use.  What I like is the user interface.  It is also compatible with your Facebook.  I don't really use it for that.  It  will automatically shorten URL's in your tweets as well.  You can view replies, Direct Messages, etc. in its own column keeping you connected with Twitter while working on other things.  It minimizes to your toolbar as well and displays a "tweet" window when you receive any new tweets.  You can also get the application on your iPhone.

Hootsuite - Advertises itself as a more "professional" Twitter Client.  You can get your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Ping accounts via the desktop software.  You can schedule tweets and organize into Columns and Tabs.  You can track statistics and even retrieve embed codes so that you can add search columns to your website.  You can also get the application on your iPhone.

Seesmic - Like the others you can organize our tweets and Facebook feeds into columns.  You can also incorporate your saved searches and Twitter List.  Nothing really different from the others.  I did notice that it seems to be the one application that has a Twitter client for every model of SmartPhone..except the iPhone.

Skimmer - Same features.  Main difference is that it can be linked to Blogger, Flickr, and Youtube, as well as Facebook.  Basically, it keeps you from checking the websites that you probably visit everyday.  Other than that, there is not much difference than the others.  By visiting the site you can view some screenshots of the application.

Digsby - Includes IM and Email inclusion as well as linking to Facebook and Twitter.  It creates a toolbar at the bottom of your screen with access to the accounts that you grant it too.  You can visit the website for screenshots and a demo video to help further explain some of the many features.

iPhone Apps
I own an iPhone.  Just got it, so upon joining Twitter, I immediately starting looking for a good Twitter App.  I currently use Twitbird.  I suggest that you just search "Twitter" from the App Store and read the reviews and features to determine which is best for you.  There are MANY, MANY others, but I will look at some of the more popular ones here:

Twitbird (comes in three versions: Free, Pro, Premium).  Each one offers different features.  The free version will come with some advertisements in your tweets.  Worth paying under $3.00 just to not have to see them!  I like the Push Notification Feature (cost a little extra) but it will alert you of replies and direct messages.  You can also create an Instapaper account to save links.  Very user friendly.  You can visit the software creator's site here.

Tweetie 2 - Brand new recently updated.  Does not offer Push Notifications according to the description I read, but will probably be in a future update.  Has a lot of features, probably more than I need.

Twitterific Premium - Can also be downloaded as a desktop application for Macs.  I originally used this one before changing over to Twitbird.  It has a lot of great features as well.  No Push Notifications, and from what I have read, not many differences between the paid and free version.  I liked the dark theme and the many different colors of the Tweets.

SimplyTweet - You can view the developers website here.  SimplyTweet has a lot of the similar features.  Has Push Notifications as well as many different themes.  You can also view it in landscape and portrait mode.  Something the other Apps allow as well.

EchoFon Pro - Formerly known as Twitterfon, and you can visit the developers website here.  Supports Push Notifications.  Can be used for free SMS according to the website.  Also is available as a desktop App for Macs.  Like the others, you can also setup multiple Twitter accounts.

Twittelator Pro - You can visit the developers website here.  It advertises the ability to create your own theme.  Includes many dingbats, or emoticons to enhance your Tweets.  Advertises over 200 features, but one of those is NOT Push Notifications...if it had that, this would probably be the most complete App for Twitter.

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  1. Nice list! Which Twitter Application is your favorite for following #edchats?

  2. I just recently started using HootSuite - and I love it.

  3. I've been using TweetDeck, and I really like it, except during #edchat. I don't like the way it jumps and posts so many at once. For my iPhone I like the simplicity of EchoFon.