Monday, March 8, 2010

Must See Monday #9 - Web 2.0 Websites

YourFonts is a way to upload and create a font from your own handwriting.  What a neat way to create a digital signature (just remember to have a different one for checks and credit cards though).  It would make for a great addition to your email account or just to have fun with students showing your handwriting on the computer.  My students hated my chicken scratch handwriting anyway, so I wrote in all capitals.  Be interesting to type out a paper in Your Font though.  All you do is print the template, write, scan, and then upload.  I guess this does give Scanner's a new purpose...might have to brush the dust off of mine.

Fotobabble is a site that allows you to upload photos and then voice over the photo.  It would be a great way to bring a historical figure to life for a student project.  You could also upload a location and create "Where in the World Am I" game with your students.  You could do the same thing with people.  Tell facts and give students the opportunity to guess who they are.  The software is also available on the iPhone.  Another neat way to use this site is to add it to Wallwisher.  I found a great blog post describing how to do this.

Footnote is your home for primary documents.  More or less this is a great site for Social Studies teachers.  It has a lot of primary documents that students normally are looking for to help with projects.  We are always preaching to our students to use primary documents, and now there is a home for them to find an abundant resource of the.  I want to thank Free Technology for Teachers for providing this useful site.  I have already shared it with social studies teachers in my building.  It allows you to search by era.  There are over 63 million historical documents online.  Very valuable.

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  1. I am really enjoying using fotobabble, there are so many neat ways to use it!