Monday, April 12, 2010

Must See Monday - You Tell You

You Tell You claims to be a place for digital story telling, and it is, but not in the way that we as educators are used to creating digital stories.  You Tell You creates an online magazine, but not a digital magazine.  You can write paragraphs separate from the pictures, such as an introduction or conclution,  as well as captions for your photos. 

The digital stories are also available for viewing and are broken down by categories.  The great thing is (well depending on how look at it) that there are currently no digital stories under the Politics and History, Science and Tech, Breaking News, and Music.  So what does that mean?  It means an opportunity for your students to be the first to add to these categories.

Signing up requires all the usual information, and no verification of your email address is required which is great for teachers.  When creating a "magazine" you can provide the date and time, a title, a summary (Which will always be at the top), choose a category, provides tags, and even include a Geotag. 

You can add photos from your computer (.jpg only and it took about a minute for 7 photos), Facebook, Flickr, or SmugMug.  You can also email pictures directly from your phone.  Pictures are organized into sections.  This is where you can determine the location of your pictures and organizing your "magazine."  Below is an image of the sections.

The site overall seems to be more geared towards present day, but with a History category, it obviously does not limit itself to that.  It would be great to share things happening in your classroom or sporting events.  Great way to log events for a yearbook.  An education catergory would be great as well.  They also do not have to be published. Students can create them and then in class, present in preview mode.  Either way, I think that You Tell You offers another options for using picturs to tell a story. 

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