Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twitter Tuesday - Paper.li - Twitter like a Newspaper

Twitter has become a staple in my professional growth as an educator and I am always looking for new ways to view my Twitter Feed and to use Twitter in my daily routine and life.  Recently while looking at All My Faves, I came across Paper.li which advertises the ability to read Twitter Streams like a daily newspaper.  I was intrigued to say the least, so I checked it out.

First thought; how in the world do I view this?  I saw some featured sections, and I saw some current "Curators."  I noticed Education under the feature section, so I clicked.  I scrolled down and found Web 2.0 in Education.  What I found were Tweets by people I was following, links that they were sharing showed up in a pop-up window without leaving the webpage.  If there were videos that were shared, you could watch it right there in the newspaper, same goes for Photos.  There was even a section dedicated to #edchat and a Feed as well.  They also broke down the Tweets based on sections, such as politics, business, entertainment, living, etc.  Next to each section is a number so that you can view all the "articles" (Tweets) related to that section.  You can also view all the articles in list format if you want too.

You can also create your own newspaper.  So I created my own newspaper for what goes through my Twitter Feed, how cool!  What is really neat is that it will automitcally create a new edition every 24 hours based one what is shared!

What I did not like were all the ads within the "newspaper," but they have to make money some how.


  1. (note - I am one of the co-founders of SmallRivers, creators of paper.li)

    Glad you like the service. Wanted to react to the presence of ads - you are right when you say it is about figuring out how to make a living from the service. We ask for your understanding... Having said that, we'd rather with time concentrate on additional feature for which users would be willing to pay a small fee. So you if have any suggestions or ideas, don't hesitate to share them with us. @ipols or @smallrivers

  2. Thanks for the comment. The ads are just like any other newspaper out there when you really think about it. Really like the product and the updates. Be interesting to see my next edition. Now I know where to go with suggestions and ideas. Thanks!