Saturday, June 19, 2010

June Edition of Twitter Tweecap - 30+ LINKS!

Been a few weekends since I posted some resources that I have received from Twitter.  This is a pretty good list.  My Instapaper account was packed with links I needed to look at.

1.) 30 Post about Free Educational Technology Tools and Resources from the Emerging EdTech Blog.

2.) 19 Educational Uses for Google Wave - I have a Wave account.  Now that everyone has one maybe I should look back into the account since so many members of my PLN have a Wave account as well.

3.) A Prezi presentation about inserting animation into Prezi.

4.) A Wiki for a place to showcase student work and innovations.

5.) 100 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

6.) Find Lesson Plans for all grade levels and all subjects!

7.) A great Wiki Walkthrough for teachers new to Wiki's

8.) 6 Recommendations for Teaching with FLIP video cameras

9.) 9 Uses for Backchannel chat in Education\

10.) 50 Really Cool Online Tools for Science Teachers

11.) 5 Genuinely Useful Twitter Tools

12.) Hey Teachers!  This is How I Learn!  - Interesting Blog Post from TeachPaperless

13.) Twiducate - A site for Twitter integration in Education - Social Networking for Schools

14.) A video for Explaining Creative CommonsHundreds of Reviewed Math Resources, Sculptris: 3D Modeling Software, Conceptua Math Resources - From Free Technology for Teachers

15.) A great Mind Map for ways to Play and Learn in Education.

16.) A Great list of Twitter Tools to share with teachers new to Twitter.

17.) 22 Social Media in Education Infographics - I really like these!

18.) Making your own Infographic - Been looking for this information!

19.) What Will You Learn this Summer?  35 Professional Development Resources

20.) WebQuest Generators

21.) Learn It In 5 - A Great Website for learning Web 2.0 Tools for classroom use.  Each video is 5 minutes long.

22.) PDF about Teacher Merit Pay

23.) Article on Cell Phones in the Classroom - Good read.

24.) Google Forms - Creating a Quiz or Test that Grades Itself!

25.) Critical Thinking Wiki - From this past weeks #edchat

26.) Digital Citizenship Continuum - Been looking for something like this too!

27.) The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for Teachers and the Best 210 Websites to Help Teachers Make Learning Fun from EduDemic

28.) BrightStorm - 2000+ free videos for Math

29.) Good article by a teacher in the Washington Post - The Right Way to Assess Teacher's Performance - Liked the idea of a 90% attendance rule

30.) Blogs as Web-Based Portfolios - A PDF and great read.

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  1. Okay now my Instapaper is full of great resources to dig into when I have a min. Thanks!