Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Kid's These Days"

I am huge believer in Twitter and the power of a Personal Learning Network (PLN).  One of the people that I follow on Twitter is and she is passionate about "Sharing new ways to engage, motivate, reach and teach the young people in our lives."  She also writes a quality blog worth looking into offering tons of resources and ideas for education.

Recently, she decided to take a huge step.  She is participating in the contest on Oprah to find the next big star and the opportunity to host their own show.  Her show concept “Kids These Days” features the things that are making a difference in young lives and the ways kids are impacting and being impacted by their worlds. But it’s not just a show; like so many of Oprah’s projects, “Kids These Days” is a game changer, a transformative resource available to every parent, educator and kid in the country and it’s going to reshape the way we perceive and engage youth in America

In order to help show support, take a few minutes to visit her audition site.  Watch her video, and then vote for her and "Kid's These Days"

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  1. I have been voting! Everyone be sure to Tweet and RT about this, lets show everyone the power of the educational world PLN!