Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diigo Education Account

Just discovered that Diigo offers premium education accounts to educators to use with students.  I did not know that these existed, but seems like a great way for students to share and organize resources that they find for work in your class.  Really good if students are conducting research for a project.  You provide a school email and the site says they will get back with you within 48 hours.

I could really see this as a helpful tool for students to learn how to annotate web resources and save the information they are reviewing.  The Post-it capabilities also offer ways for students to communicate as well as discuss what they are reading.  You can create a class group as well as group classes together.  Be a great way for students to collaborate from other schools, states, and countries.  Below as some of the features:

You can create student accounts for an entire class with just a few clicks (and student email addresses are optional for account creation)
Students of the same class are automatically set up as a Diigo group so they can start using all the benefits that a Diigo group provides, such as group bookmarks and annotations, and group forums.
Privacy settings of student accounts are pre-set so that only teachers and classmates can communicate with them.
Ads presented to student account users are limited to education-related sponsors.

You can learn more about Diigo Education HERE


  1. This is an excellent way to build your classroom as a community of learners that shares what they find.

  2. Used it a lot this past year. Starting 1:1 next year and it is a major component of the plan for my classes.

    I've written about it here: