Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pleft - Help you Plan Appointments

An interesting occurrence the other day on Twitter, when I received a Tweet wondering if I would blog about a Web 2.0 software.  Not everyday you get someone asking you to blog about something for them.  So I replied and said that if they could explain how it could be used in education I would think about it.  I got their reply and decided to check out the site.

Pleft is a site that provides a way for you to schedule meetings and let other people respond to see if it is a time that works for them.  It is color coded for easy viewing and Pleft requires no sign up to use.  Invitations are email based, so you would have to know your invitees email address.

Impact on Education:
1.) Would be a great way for principals to schedule a meeting  with teachers after school
2.) Would provide a way for teachers to see what evening might be best to have a mandatory homework assignment (seeing a speech, watching the news, etc.)
3.) Would be a great way for teachers to schedule after school meetings.
4.) Would provide a way for coaches to communicate the best way to schedule a meeting with parents.

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