Saturday, September 25, 2010

iPad and iPhones

I am typing this post on my iPad, so we will see how it goes. I got an iPad for work along with other administrators in the district. The software we use will help streamline walkthroughs and gather data about what teachers are doing in their class. I spent a lot of the last week learning the eWalk software and creating templates. I will be using my iPad for eWalks as well so that I can gather data about technology integration within the high schools.

So now that I have an iPad, now what? How else can I use this tool to help my teachers and improve my own integration of technology? I did test the iPad out by putting it under a document camera and got a pretty good picture, so could I collaborate with a teacher to let them use an app in their classroom? Could teachers use their iPhones in the same manner; what apps could they use?

This same week I was assisting a teacher with a video contest she was going to start with her class. We were discussing how to get enough FLIP's for her students. Out of curiosity I asked the students who had a cellphone with a video camera...the response..about 80%. So why are we banning these tools again? With tools like Poll Everywhere and SCVNGR we should be utilizing these tools. I came across the video "Pay Attention" and showed it to one of the principal's. She is buying into the idea of using cell phones...with more discussion to follow before implementation, but at least the idea is gathering some movement.

How do teachers and students use the iPhone or other smart phones in the classroom? It will be something new for me to try and start, so what experiences have you had? Please share those with my readers and myself.

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