Monday, September 6, 2010

Resources from Twitter

My first installment of resource from Twitter for the new school year.

1.) Jottit - Simple web page creation.  Shared by: ToddAHoffman

2.) 101 Way to Use Tagexdo. Shared by: bjnichols

3.) 10 Free Computer Tech Help Sites you Might have Overlooked.  Shared by: Joy Gayler

4.) Algebra Tutorials.  Shared by: Poochiesan24

5.) Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the Year Off Without - Shared by: Thanks2Teachers

6.) Teaching with Inforgraphics - From the New York Times.  Shared by: NMHS_Principal

7.) 6 Ways to Increase Success of Web Page Content.  By: Tonnet

8.) Critical Thinking PDF from Microsoft. By: KySTEtech

9.) 21 Things That will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020, by TeachPaperless.  Shared by: raztech

10.) How Testing Feeds the School to Prison Pipeline - Interesting Article and Read.  Shared by: Thanks2Teachers

11.) Science Blogging - A one stop shop for blogs related to science. Shared by: Larry Ferlazzo

12.) Digitally Speaking - Social Media in Schools - Great Resource.  Shared by: Web20Classroom

13.) Flash Card Flash - A Search Engine for Flash Card Websites.  Shared by: KarenTBTEN

14.) 75 Really Useful iPad Tips and Tricks.  Shared by: 8Amber8

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