Friday, September 17, 2010

YouTube Time Machine

YouTube Time Machine is a site dedicated to sharing videos that are available on YouTube based on the year that they originally aired.  The categories of videos that are available for viewing are Music, Television, Movies, Commercials, Sports, Video Games, and Current Events.  These videos are great for reliving our own childhood, but also for sharing with students how times change and looking at several subjects from their birth year.  There is currently not a search option available.  You can remove the categories from above to shrink the videos available.  You can view by year which helps to find videos from a certain time period, all the way back to 1860!  You can also upload videos to help increase the library available.  There is a button that takes you to the next video, but on my trial use of the site, it never took me to the next video.  Get that fixed and this is a useful site.  Want to know how the site started, read the about page.  Kind of a neat story.

Classroom Use - You can easily use these videos to find first hand account of historical events as well as archival footage.  You could also use the videos to show how culture changes based on the categories.  A search option would be neat.  The concept is great for classroom use.  Hopefully they will continue to work on it.

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  1. This is a neat idea, like traveling back through viral video history in a time machine :)