Saturday, October 30, 2010

Math Resources

Several resources for math teachers.  I was asked to search for some by a teacher in my building and these were some of the ones that I came across.  I hope that you find one to be useful for your curriculum. 

1.) Amby's Education Site - Math Resources - This site has some virtual games and manipulatives for various content in the math classroom.  Each resource is broken down into 8 different categories to help you in your search for something to use in the classroom.  Check out what there is to offer here.

2.) XP Math is a site dedicated to various math games.  There is an arcade that is available for students to learn math through video games as well.  There is also a math discussion board and help finding jobs related to math curriculum.  You can also find math worksheets, but we know how so many of us feel about those! 

3.) The Problem Site is another site that offers math games.  Kids love to play games and we are finding more and more available resources on the web for students to improve their math abilities by playing games.  Even if you don't use these in class, provide the links to your students, show the link in class and have them do it for homework. 

4.) Geogebrawiki is a great wiki with tons of resources for geometry and algebra.  You can find links to simulators and other manipulatives to help improve a students understanding of math.  You can even  find a great page to some links to videos on YouTube. 

5.) Maths Online Gallery contains interactive multimedia for a better understanding of math practices.  Many of the resources that you will find use Java, so make sure that you have it updated. This site has been around since 1998.

6.) Real World Math is a site dedicated to learning math using the great tool Google Earth.  What a great real world application of mathematics.  I highly recommend sharing and using this site. 

7.) Visual Fractions is a site for, well, learning fractions through visuals.  This is a great site for elementary and middle school teachers to help students get a better understanding of fractions using various visuals.

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