Thursday, October 28, 2010

OER Commons - Open Educational Resources

OER Commons is a website that allows you to search for educational resources that have been shared on the web by educators from all over the world.  You can browse through different grade levels and subject matter.  The search results within OER Commons are very organized and easy to read through.  Many resources are for lessons that incorporate many of the web based tools that we are becoming more familiar with.  If you register for an account you can save the items that you find as well as contribute content. 

Another great feature is that not all of the resources are just for teaching subject matter.  There are several resources available for classroom management, leadership, primary sources, and educational materials.  All these can be searched through by browsing through the different categories.  Once you do a search, you can "uncheck" the areas that don't apply to your needs as well.

Another great feature for those of us that have an iPhone, you can download the iPhone App and complete searches right on your phone. 

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