Monday, November 22, 2010

EdTech Thanks

With the United States holiday of Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it would be great to share things that I am thankful for that relate to educational technology.  Feel free to add to this list in the comment section, or create your own list on your blog and then link back to it.

1.) I am thankful to work in a district that embraces technology use by teachers and students and sees the need to continue embracing educational technology.

2.) I am thankful for a district that is forward thinking and has embraced the use of social media at administrative, teacher, and student levels.  Our district recently created a District Facebook page.

3.) I am thankful for software companies that recognize the financial restraints placed on school districts and offer their product for free or for a reduced price.  It means so much to so many teachers.

4.) I am thankful for teachers who embrace technology integration in the classroom with an open mind.

5.) I am thankful for teachers who challenge me and my thoughts about integrating technology in the classroom, because one way I can grow is through constructive criticism.

6.) I am thankful for teachers who struggle with integrating technology because it is those teachers who bring the most reward when they experience success with technology integration.

7.) I am thankful for the development of my Professional Learning Network and all the great educators who help me grow and keep me grounded everyday. 

8.) I am thankful for my own experience with this blog, as it brings a type of personal reward that is hard to find.

What are you thankful for?

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