Saturday, November 6, 2010

Free Educational Games and Software

Educational Freeware is a site that reviews the best free learning games, software and websites.  The site breaks down the ability to search by subject matter or the different kinds of Educational Freeware.  The site allows you to look for educational freeware whether it is online or whether it can be downloaded.  So far, it is limited to Windows, but in some cases is available for Linux.  You will also find links to news and articles related to other Educational Freeware software and downloads.

The site is the work of Marianne Wartoft who had been developing educational software for over a decade.  You can view the software she has developed on her website.  She created this site as a place for housing all the resources related to Educational Freeware and to help bridge the gap that can exist between down-loadable and online software, since some times they serve the same purpose.

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