Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ge.tt - Simple File Sharing

Ge.tt is a simple file sharing site.  With Ge.tt you can share any number of files, of any size, and within seconds.  There are three simple steps.  First, you select your files, then you share them, and then you go on about your business...so I guess there are really only 2 steps.  Creating an account is free and simple: name, email and password.  A great feature with Ge.tt is that you "get" statistics with the files that you share, which is why creating an account is so important.  It is important to note that the files expire after 3 months of inactive use.

What about using Ge.tt with your students?  Since you get statistics you would be able to see how many students had downloaded the files to know if they are doing their homework assignment.  You could easily share files with other teachers in the building or make handouts available for a professional development.  This would another way to share files with a student who might be at home with an illness as well.

Ge.tt seems promising, but I uploaded one excel file to try it out, and in the time it took me to write this post, it never seemed to get past the "building your share" step.  That could be because of my school network blocking its ability to upload.  So that is a word of warning depending on the settings of your school network.

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