Friday, November 26, 2010

Google Maps Treks

I was introduced this site at the TeachMeet Kentucky Conference and meant to share it a while back and forgot.  Google Treks is the work of Dr. Alice Christie.  The site creates Treks using Google Maps.  The Treks are broken down by subject matter and grade level.  There is also a section for student created Treks.  On the front page you will find a link to a video tutorial, Creating Google Trek Curricular Units, and a tutorial for using Google Maps.  If you create a Google Trek, Dr. Alice suggest that you use the appropriate rubric before submitting them to be shared on the website.  The site is still growing, but there are several good examples.  What a great real world application of Google Maps.

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  1. In our NING community for teachers interested in teaching with technology, we have a special interest group on Integrating, Customizing, Extending, Google Apps for Education. Google Maps Treks would be great to share with the group.
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