Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Tips/Ways Blog Posts Recap

I unintentionally intended to write some "10 Tips/Ways" posts and before I knew it, I just kept going.  With that, I ended up writing 11 blog posts that contain "10 tips" related to educational technology and various websites.  So, in case you missed them, here they are:

1.) 10 Ways to use iTunes/Podcast in the Classroom
2.) 10 Specific Ways to Use a Document Camera
3.) 10 Tips for Getting Teachers to Integrate Technology
4.) 10 Tips for Alternative Professional Development
5.) 10 Tips for Using SMS in the Classroom
6.) 10 Tips for Alternatives to PowerPoint
7.) 10 Tips for Using Google Reader in the Classroom
8.) 10 Tips for Using YouTube in the Classroom
9.) 10 Tips for Using Facebook in the Classroom
10.) 10 Tips for Starting an Education Blog
11.) 10 Tips/Ways for Using Twitter in the Classroom

Spend some time reading and thinking about these during the holiday break.  Go back to school inspired to try something different in your classroom and with your students.

As a bonus during a snow day, I wrote the following post, Who Says Having a Snow Means Not Having Class, which contains 10 ideas as well.

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